Dear Beloved Participants,

Covid-19 greatly affect the work mobility of the people all over the world. Thanks to the good management of Vietnam government in combat of the Pandemic, Vietnam is way better condition than any other place of the world. Community transmission almost no longer exist and work mobility within the country is back to normal. We welcome everyone in the world to participate the said event. However, each participant will undergo 14 days quarantine period to avoid the transmission risks. Please contact the organizers for more information about physical participation in the said event.

Due to the current situation of Covid-19 in the world, we provide option of 50% virtual for international participants and 50% Physical for local participants. Therefore, we are going to do it online via Microsoft Team for those all who cannot come for physical presentation.

All registered and accepted manuscripts will be published in ISI/ SCUPOS Indexed Journal by IOP Publishing Company. Registration fee will vary depending on the condition of your participation. We provide as much as 30% discount for online participant. Please contact the organizers for this re-computation of this matter. 

Wish you all the best,
Organizers of VL-HT, 2021