Digital heritage

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual museums
  • Methods and systems for enhancing heritage fruition and storytelling
  • New methods for Education on art, conservation and restoration
  • Applications: document image processing and analysis, ancient photograph digital processing, ancient paper digital processing. Automatic understanding of writing and/or symbols on ancient documents
  • Systems, methods and applications for measurement, analysis and understanding of artistic artefacts
  • Ubiquitous and remote access to digital cultural heritage
  • 4D Reconstruction of Tangible Cultural Heritage
  • Multimedia, Multilingual, Data Management, Archiving
  • Archaeological Analysis and Interpretive Design
  • Innovative solutions for the consolidation, dissemination, demonstration and exploitation of results, training and education related to the tangible and intangible CH (including open access to scientific results in cultural heritage as well as their preservation)
  • Systems, Methods and applications for Virtual and Digital Restoration
  • 3D scanning, image scanning, remote sensing and non-contact and non-destructive methods
  • Rural / urban regeneration based on cultural heritage
  • Cultural Tourism & Travel Applications